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A Gathering of Hearts: A Treasured Collection of Inspirational Moments from Lori Wick
by Lori Wick
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A Gathering of Hearts: The Best of Lori Wick

By Lori Wick

God Talk
Where the Wild Rose Blooms

The girls shared a very feminine room as well as a large, soft bed, and as usual, ended the evening with talk about the day.

“Do you love Robert, Eddie?”

“Yes,” the older girl said softly. “I think I loved him right away but then thought it must be a crush. Then after we started to write each other, I knew it was real.”

“Do you get excited about living in a house that he built for the two of you?”

Eddie only laughed. Her mind hadn’t gone that far.

“I’m never going to fall in love,” Jackie declared as she got comfortable on the pillow. “I think men are a pain.”

“You might change your mind, Jackie,” Eddie said gently.

“Never! I’m still amazed that you spoke to that Clay Taggart today. I just hate him.”

Eddie smiled as she rolled to turn down the lantern but didn’t speak. She was still thinking, You might change your mind, Jackie.

Desire realized is sweet to the soul.
Proverbs 13:19

A First Kiss and a Second Chance at Love

A Song For Silas

Amy’s heart melted within her as his lips touched hers, and Silas felt as though his own heart was going to pound through his coat as she leaned closer and didn’t pull away.

One second they were kissing and the next second Amy was gone. Silas stared up at her from his place on the log. She had leapt up and was staring at him with tortured eyes, her hands clenched so tightly together that her knuckles were white. Silas stood and reached for her as he spoke.

“Amy, please”

“Don’t touch me, Silas just don’t touch me.”

Standing in front of the log and holding his place, Silas spoke. “Amy, you must know how I feel. You must know that my feelings for you are deep. And you, Amy, what about you? Please don’t ask me to believe you don’t feel anything for me.”

“Of course I feel something for you. We’re friends.” The words sounded foolish and inane even to her own ears, but Amy couldn’t seem to help herself.

Silas looked furious. “Is that what you were just now when you let me kiss you a friend?”

Amy shrugged helplessly, not even knowing herself why she had allowed the kiss. Silas drug off his cap, and Amy watched him rake his hand through his hair, his frustration more than evident. Suddenly Amy felt angry and frustrated too.

Taking him completely by surprise, Amy boldly stepped forward and pushed as hard as she could on his chest. Normally he would have hardly noticed the relatively slight pressure she put on him, but he was so surprised by her action that he took a step backward, forgot the log, and fell over it onto his back.

“What did you do that for?” he bellowed from his undignified sprawl on the ground.

“Because you’ve ruined everything. We were such good friends, and you’ve just ruined it, “Amy cried in pure frustration.

Silas was off the ground in an instant, knowing his brother Paul had been right. Even as Amy had shouted at him in rage, he had seen the fear written across her face.

Amy retreated as he came toward her, and Silas stalked her until she was backed up against a tree. His expression was fierce but his voice was calm. “Take a good look at me, Amy Nolan, a very good look. I am not Thomas Blane. I am not going to declare my love for you and then marry someone else.”

Silas’ look grew extremely tender as they both stood still, his eyes drinking in the woman he loved. He cupped her face within his big hands before he spoke his next words. “I love you, Amy. I love you as I’ve never loved anyone. You would but need to crook your smallest finger in my direction and I would gladly carry you down this hill to the parsonage and make you my wife today.”

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
1 John 4:18

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