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Abe and the Amazing Promise | Featured Products | Online Store | About Big Idea

Abe and the Amazing Promise - DVD
Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.19
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Abe and the Amazing Promise

Ever had to wait for something you really, really wanted?

Bob the Tomato tries to bring the Bible story of Abraham and Sarah and their wait for a promised son to life, but when spitting camels and a film crew of zany French peas get involved, everyone’s patience is tested! Will Bob pull everything together in time to teach a lesson? Whether they’re waiting on a promise from God or cookies from mom, kids will learn that while being patient is never easy, the reward is always worth the wait!

Blunders in Boo-Boo-Ville
Jacques (Larry the Cucumber) attempts to invent a way to bring back the boo-boo birds and discovers that taking time to do things the right way is the best way!

Plus the very Silly Song
"Sneeze If You Need To!"

A Word From Delilah

The new VeggieTales DVD features the voice of beloved night-time radio host, Delilah, as Sarah. Hear what Delilah says about VeggieTales below.

"The Veggie Tales movies and television shows are my first and favorite pick when it's time to entertain my kid's with video entertainment.   Next to playing outdoors or reading indoors, this is great entertainment for them. The stories are rich, and full of very funny lines and poignant lessons. It's unlike any other family entertainment."

Watch Abe and the Amazing Promise Trailer
Trailer Video Clip
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VeggieTales Bible - NIV
Regular Price $24.99
Our Price $21.99

The VeggieTales Bible -NIV

Join Bob, Larry, and all the rest of the Veggie characters as they explore the most amazing book of all time. From this fun-filled Bible, children will learn more about God and how he wants us to live.

  • Complete text of the New International Version: the most read, most trusted translation.
  • Thirty-two full-color pages retell eight favorite Bible stories from the VeggieTales DVDs.
  • Veggie Values teach lessons from the Bible like forgiveness, trusting God, being helpful, and more.
  • Book Introductions give important information about each book of the Bible.
  • Remember This highlights 100 key verses of Scripture to remember.
  • Dictionary-Concordance helps kids better understand key Bible words and concepts.

Sample The VeggieTales Bible NIV
VeggieTales Bible NIV comic 1 comic 2 comic3
Download Sample Bible Pages Color Page Sample Color Page Sample Color Page Sample
coming Soon!

Rack, Shack & Benny
Regular Price $9.99
Our Price $8.79
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Rack, Shack & Benny

Trouble's brewing at the Chocolate Factory! Company president Nebby K. Nezzer announces that his workers may eat as many bunnies as they like! But Rack, Shack and Benny remember that their parents taught them not to eat too much candy.

Can the boys do what's right even when all their friends are doing something else? Wht about that 90-foot chocolate bunny? Find out how risky it can be to resist peer pressure and stand up for what you believe in!

Special Bonus Silly Song! "Dance of the Cucumber"

Josh and the Big Wall
Regular Price $9.99
Our Price $8.79
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Josh and the Big Wall

After 40 years of wandering in the desert, the children of Israel finally get to go to the Promised Land! Only one little thing they've overlooked ... the city of Jericho!

Surrounded by huge walls and bristling with really annoying little peas, no one gets to the Promised Land without going through Jericho first! But how? Joshua has God's directions, but they sound kind of ... weird. In the end, they have to decide whether it's better to do things their way or God's way!

Special Bonus Silly Song!"Song of the Ceb?"

Dave and the Giant Pickle
Regular Price $9.99
Our Price $8.79
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Dave and the Giant Pickle

Have you ever felt too small to do a really BIG job? That's what a little shepherd boy named Dave feels when his big brothers head off to defend their country, leaving him behind with the sheep. They're in for a surprise when they find out their foe is a 9-foot pickle! But wait! Who's that running out to challenge the mighty warrior? ...could it be? ...Dave?!? This telling of the classic biblical story of David and Goliath teaches us that with God's help, even little guys can do big things!

Special Bonus Silly Song! "I Love My Lips"

Abe and the Amazing Promise Coloring Sheets
Download Download Download
Abe and the Amazing Promise Buddy Icons
Download Download Download Download

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